Hi! I’m Elaine Tucker.

Most of the things I love in this world start with the letter B: big hair, boots, babies, birth & butter.

But then there are tacos. I also love tacos.

My story: I grew up in Indiana and earned my BA in Communication & Culture as a Hoosier at Indiana University. I spent my early 20s working at a newspaper on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and moved to Columbus, Ohio to raise my family in October of 2009. We now happily reside in the Maize-Morse neighborhood of Columbus.

But how did I become a birthworker? What unique characteristics do I bring to the birth team? 

I was raised with a childbirth and child development education from an early age and feel it’s always been a part of who I am. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my first pregnancy when popular myth about pregnancy is pretty negative. But mine wasn’t so. The experience of becoming a mother rekindled that early fascination with childbearing and I began to study birth and have relished motherhood.

I birthed my first daughter with the help of my husband and my doula. I afterwards felt I wanted to try to become part of this doula sisterhood. I was given the opportunity to nanny for 3 years while I pursued my training and began certification. My first support role was in 2011 for the family I nannied for and it is one I will hold dear for the rest of my days. My second daughter was born at home under the care of midwives and doula support. It was a life changing experience for our family and furthered my passion for birth. I have currently attended over 290 births as a full-time, professional birthworker.

When I’m not at a birth you can find me having dance parties with my family in my living room, at a concert with my husband or taking a long hike through the Central Ohio woods. I fulfill the important role of primary caregiver in my family and balance full time birthwork with being a parent.

Finding the right fit?

I truly believe there is a perfect doula fit for every family and making that connection is key. Over the years I have found some key attributes that make it more likely that I’m a good fit with my clientele and I’ll list them below. Additionally, I do not find myself to be a good fit with care provider practices that restrict a birthing person’s choice in their support people with a practice-wide doula ban and I do not feel comfortable being covert as doula support in those situations. I regularly refer to practices I see supporting the autonomous choices of their patients and have enjoyed witnessing their superb care and the birth experiences my clients have with those care providers.

Important attributes of clientele:

  • are invested in learning about the entire birth spectrum
  • are willing to dedicate time to learning, connection and preparation
  • are invested in being an active participant in their care and birth decisions
  • value physiological birth, the body and instinct as part of the process
  • desire experience to be equally emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and medical {when applies}

*I support all families regardless of race, religion, profession, family structure, gender expression and birthing choices. The above is just info I have found useful to consider before scheduling a consult. If I am not the best fit I do my best to provide referrals.*

Education, Certifications & Trainings:










2013 and before:

  • DONA birth doula training Sept 2011. Audited DONA training Oct 2013

Other relevant affiliations:

  • I have a dedicated backup doula that I work closely with and then work within a professional network of doulas that serves as a safety net for one another.
  • Active member of Central Ohio Doulas
  • Previous labor & birth experience includes: hospital, birth center and home birth, medicated and unmedicated birth, Twins, vaginal OR delivery, Interventive and Non-interventive birth, Cesarean birth, High-risk birth, VBAC support, Water Birth, Gentle/Family Centered Cesarean support, TOLAC and planned Cesarean support, Home birth transfer. 

Thank you for looking into my services.  Send me a message to set up a free interview. I hope to meet you and your growing family soon.

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