Birth is about making mothers too. Nurturing mothers so they can nurture. Nourishing mothers so they can nourish. Loving mothers so they can fall in love all over again.

Postpartum Doula

I am often honest with birth clients that one of the main reasons we care about positive birth experiences is because that is the beginning of a family, that is the beginning of postpartum and that is the beginning of motherhood, that is the beginning of a new woman who will walk forward forever changed from the woman she was before. Postpartum, this transformation to new womanhood and the beginning of family life, deserves to be supported.

As a mother I know how valuable it is to have a helping hand once a baby makes his/her entrance into family life. A postpartum doula helps parents transition to family life, helping with what needs to be done for mothers and parents to focus on caring for baby. As a postpartum doula, my focus is on the family unit not solely on the baby. In addition to my postpartum training, I have 3 years of nanny experience including newborn care. I can provide hands on support in your home as you practice the skills of parenting.

My ideal supportive scenario for every family would involve first week of life in bed, second week of life in home and third week of life we invite the world back into the picture. Efforts of postpartum services are focused on keeping the family well bonded, well nourished and well rested.

Postpartum Services & Fees {for 2022}

My services include

  • Planning session by 37 weeks
  • Informational & email support through pregnancy for resources
  • support breastfeeding/babyfeeding incorporating my CLC certification
  • emotional support, companionship, nurturing touch and bodywork, light housework, meal prep and clean up, errand running, facilitating baby care, sibling care, note taking for other adults in the household, pet care. The list goes on!
  • The days in my calendar for Postpartum Support Hours are Tues & Thurs 9:30a-2:30pm


Complete Postpartum Support Package – 40hrs

1395 with 195 deposit


  • 10/week postpartum support through first 4w of baby’s life = Two 5hr support sessions per week – Tues & Thurs
  • Visit day 3-5 to check on breastfeeding establishment
  • Postpartum Pampering package from New Mama Columbus.


Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support Package – 20hrs

-995 with 195 deposit

  • 10hr/week postpartum support through 2 weeks of baby’s life = Two 5hr support sessions per week – Tues & Thurs
  • Visit day 3-5 to check on breastfeeding establishment
  • Breastfeeding Pampering package from New Mama Columbus 


Basic Postpartum Support Package – 10hrs

-595 with 195 deposit

  • 10hr/week postpartum support through 1 week of baby’s life = Two 5hr support sessions per week – Tues & Thurs
  • Breastfeeding Tea from New Mama Columbus
  • Check in by phone between day 3-5 to set schedule

*Additional hours can be added to any package for $15/hr


A la Carte Hours:

-45/hr – outside of 270.  40/hr – inside of 270

  • completely customizeable hour plan with with a 5 hour per diem minimum


Postpartum Preparation Only:

-95  2hr Postpartum Planning Session Workshop.

  • explore the families individual needs
  • provide planning tools and tips
  • resources on common postpartum and parenting issues



One Time additional mileage fee for families living over 20 miles from my home address.



Nourishing Postnatal Mother Support – only available for a limited number of clients

-3500/60 days of support

This is designed to be a very supportive experience for the mother offering her assistance and nurturing in her transformation into motherhood. The design is to almost daily, inclusive and supportive during fresh weeks of motherhood and support steps down as months go on and mother/family are settled into their new roles and dynamics. 

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