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Mother Nourish Session

A Mother Nourish Session is a one-time visit that focuses on filling the mother’s cup. It’s a 2hr session focusing on mental, physical and emotional support during the postpartum period including tea, snacks, bodywork, peer support, discussion and comfort products from New Mama Columbus. Mothering is draining and tireless work. The mother needs to be nourished so she can nourish and nurtured so she can nurture. Infants are biologically programmed to absorb the nurturing the mother is receiving as well. Our infants and our mothers need their village back.



  • tea & snacks
  • bodywork
  • peer support & discussion
  • comfort products from New Mama Columbus



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Postpartum Herbal Bath


Postpartum herbal bath prepared in your home, in your own tub or your homebirth tub with a new liner with Haven Herbs healing herbal bath. Bath includes the herbal bath tea prepared in your home, drawn bath, dried lavender and rose petals added for fragrance after the bath is drawn and fresh flowers added for extra luxury. Finished with a warmed towel.

Baths are baby safe and I am on hand for help facilitating inclusion of newborn.

Extras: $45 for extra tub liner, $45 for photography of session.



Columbus Birth Arts Mother Blessing

Mother Blessing Ceremony

A Mother Blessing Ceremony is an alternative or addition to the modern day “baby shower.”  A Mother Blessing is derived from and pays homage to practices from other cultures such as the Navajo and their Blessingway ceremonies.  The focus of a Mother Blessing is The Mother instead of the baby and the gifts the baby receives.  The Mother is “showered” with blessings, positivity and affection. She is reminded of the strengths she already possesses. She is encouraged on the strengths she is yet to know.  The focus is on ritual and connection, both of which are essential to new motherhood.  The mother’s core support group is incorporated for her special blessings. A blessing ceremony usually takes place sometime during her 3rd trimester.



  • organization and facilitation of mother’s blessing ceremony
  • outline of activities for Blessing ceremony
  • materials for mother’s salt soak ritual
  • help with preparation and clean up
  • floral decorations


Please contact me asap if you’re interested in my help with your Mother Blessing Ceremony.