Birth Options Consulting

If you don’t know your options, do you really have them?

Since 2011, I have been an observer of the birth industry in Central Ohio. I have studied birth in earnest since 2009.  Through my years of birthwork I have learned much about navigating the birth systems in place, the rights and options of birthing parents, and facilitating a positive advocating relationship between birthing persons and birth attendants. As a childbirth educator, I’ve learned to teach about these various topics in a way that fosters self-knowledge. I also have supported many couples/mothers/birthing persons that have said they didn’t even know they had a choice about how their previous birth took place.

In Birth Options Consults, we’ll go over working relationships between your care provider, practice, birthing location and how each impact the individual birth. This is a great option for people wanting to be informed but labor and birth without a doula present. This is a viable option for all types of birth, as the object is not to persuade you into any one type of birth, rather to let you know the options about the birth paths you hope for and may encounter.

$125 Investment


  • 2hr in person consult
  • informational handouts
  • discount on follow-up processing session post birth