Childbirth Classes

Education is synonymous with empowerment. Being an educated and informed birther in today’s birth culture requires an understanding of the physiological act of birth as well as the aspects of medical birth and birthing environments. All childbirth classes include the following topics: pregnancy changes, anatomy and physiology of labor and birth, complications and common interventions, what to expect in the initial postpartum period, baby-care basics and breastfeeding/babyfeeding information.

Private Childbirth Education Classes 

-195 for two 3-hour sessions

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I’m offering private childbirth education classes in your home that can be tailored to your specific educational needs and birthing details.

  • informal learning in your home
  • sessions set around your schedule
  • resources and information packet available

-95 for 2-hr refresher course

  • for families that have birthed before but need a refresher on childbirth ed

Prenatal Support Only 


I offer Pregnancy Mentoring which is ideal for mothers and couples in the first half of their pregnancy or couples who have decided they want to go through labor & birth as just a duo but want to be very prepared emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and informationally.

This entails my prenatal support as a doula and my information resource packets:

  • information about birth and birth choices giving you more of a background for what kinds of questions and conversations you want to have with your care provider.
  • questions that time and space don’t allow for at your provider’s office.
  • identify helpful literature and resources for your specific needs
  • examine your birth philosophies and preferences
  •  your fears and concerns
  • anything at all related to this new transition of life.

As a birth doula, I have become knowledgeable about the birth timeline, pregnancy culture, products and local birth community.  If you are looking for a service I don’t provide I will help you with a referral to a trusted provider.