Joni’s Birth take 2, April 2011

By Sarah Burke

If you are pregnant and want to have a lovely labor experience you should really consider having a doula. And if you decide that you want to have a doula then you should choose our friend Elaine. She is a gentle, kind, and insightful soul and she helped us birth our daughter Joni.

My son (first-born) Adam’s birth was filled with medical intervention (induction, pitocin, IVs, epidural). I was blessed with a healthy baby boy but I felt drugged, tired, and not myself. It was my goal when I found out I was pregnant with my second child to try to have a birth experience with minimal intervention. I wanted to try to remain at home for as long as possible before transporting to the hospital. That is when I decided that a doula may be able to help us achieve our goal. It was perfect timing because our beautiful friend Elaine wanted to begin participating in births and she was interested in helping with ours.

When I went into labor she came to our house and helped me remain comfortable and active. She gave us the reassurance and confidence we needed to allow nature to take its course. I have very fond memories of laboring in my home with my husband and friend. When I finally went to the hospital I was eight centimeters dilated and ready to push. After my daughter was born I felt amazing. I felt that I could stand right up, grab her, go home and make dinner. I will never forget that feeling and I want to have more children just to get that feeling again.

You may be hesitant to include someone you do not know in your birth experience but believe me it is a game changer. There is something very comforting about a woman’s touch when you are laboring. Your partner may also be hesitant in having someone else help. My husband was reluctant at first thinking his role would be diminished but it actually enhanced his abilities as my labor partner.

I really think a doula could benefit you greatly in your labor and delivery. If you decide on having a doula, please consider our dear friend Elaine.

Sending you best wishes for a happy pregnancy and birth!