Beck’s Birth, February 2013

by Katie Pennington

Elaine was wonderful and I definitely recommend her as a doula for expectant parents.
First, her prenatal visits were so beneficial in helping us to define our birth preferences. The process of planning for birth can be overwhelming, but Elaine was a great source of information to help guide us. We particularly appreciated how Elaine never tried to push her opinions on us; she truly wanted our birth to be ours, and for us to decide for ourselves what we desired for the birth.
In labor, Elaine was very prepared and very appreciated. I was so relieved when she arrived at the hospital because I knew that she was there to support me. She came with labor tools, great suggestions to help make labor easier, and a readiness to advocate for me. My doctor even commented, “You have a very prepared labor support person!” Her calming presence and encouragement was invaluable, as was her sense of humor. I wasn’t expecting to laugh during labor!
I can’t recommend Elaine highly enough. If you are debating whether or not to hire a doula, DO IT! And if you decide to hire a doula, choose Elaine! You will not regret it.