Zachary’s Birth, June 2013

By The Hellenthals

When preparing for our first child, we decided to do all that we could to have a natural, low intervention birth. One step toward that goal was to hire a doula. After interviewing others, we knew Elaine would be the best fit for us as she came across as eager, knowledgeable, and excited to share in our birthing experience. Elaine assisted us in creating a list of our wishes and priorities for childbirth. Though many of our preferences were not upheld due to our little guy needing assistance to be born (he was 17 days late!), Elaine helped us to keep positive and focused during the labor and delivery. Labor was induced on a Wednesday night, and we had Zachary Friday morning. Elaine was with us for the entire 36 hour marathon! We could not have done it without her. We truly believe if she had not been there, more interventions would have been necessary. Her knowledge of relaxation and pain relief strategies, as well as birthing positions, we believe saved us from a cesarean section. Elaine supported us both emotionally and physically, and we cannot thank her enough. We would recommend her services to anyone and plan to request her assistance again in the future.


support during a contraction


looking incredibly happy for 36 hours in!


completely worth it. what a doll!