James’ Birth, January 2014

By Betsy Root

I am so glad that we chose Elaine to be a part of our birth team. My husband, Tim, and I first looked into having a doula when I decided that I wanted to have an unmedicated delivery. I was confident we could do it, but thought we’d need some extra support and guidance. My neighbor, who is also a doula, recommended a few doulas in the area and Elaine was our top choice.

The meetings and information that she provided us ahead of time really made me feel more confident and knowledgeable about all things labor and delivery. I truly felt like, as long as I had no complications, I had a say in the way my labor and delivery was going to happen. My experience was just that. Elaine helped us identify what was most important to us and what our wishes were for the birth of our first child. I couldn’t be more happy with the entire experience. I was so proud of myself after everything was said and done. An unmedicated delivery – even a quick, uncomplicated one – is tough and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my birth team (Tim, Elaine, my o.b., and the hospital staff).

I can see why doulas would be beneficial with any type of birth though because it’s about knowing your options and identifying what’s most important to you. Thank you so much, Elaine! James’ birth was truly a beautiful experience looking back and one that we’ll always cherish.

jamespostpartum Elaine & James cuddling at the postpartum visit