Theo’s Birth, May 2015

by Dan J

“Elaine is truly outstanding at what she does.  She possess the perfect combination of knowledge, compassion, patience, warmth, serenity, and assertiveness, all at just the right times and in just the right measure.  Her lengthy visits to our home in the weeks leading up to the delivery were extremely informative and gave us the confidence and courage we needed as we prepared for the big day, and her calm, focused advice and assistance the day of the delivery made the day a complete success.  She coordinated with the hospital staff, who genuinely appreciated her involvement, and she also made sure that they were sticking to our birth plan.  Early into the labor, she determined that our baby was not in a good position for the delivery and made suggestions that corrected it.  She took an active, hand’s-on role, physically helping my wife with her contractions in a variety of ways.  Because of Elaine’s help, my wife was able to achieve her goal of having an unmedicated birth, and I was able to achieve my goal of providing the best support for her that I could.  When Elaine visited our home after the birth, it was like having a member of the family visit – she was so integral to our experience.  I wish everyone could have the good fortune of working with Elaine.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”