Baby Will’s Birth & Postpartum

By Melanie C

I wasn’t sure what specifically I wanted from my doula when I first contacted Elaine but I knew I wanted my labor, delivery and postpartum recovery to go differently than it had with my first son. I couldn’t put into words what I needed from Elaine but somehow she just knew. The amount of time she spent with us getting to know us and discussing my birth options helped my husband and I create the birthing experience we wanted and we were able to bring our son into the world in a calm and positive environment. Not only did she support us in the birthing process but she gave me the support I needed to create a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with my baby. She went above and beyond after my delivery and made sure I was taken care of during my postpartum recovery. She truly believes in mothering the mother after delivery and she gave such great support to our family after William was born. I was able to recover faster and enjoy being a mother of two much easier. Elaine was so compassionate she made me feel like I was being taken care of by a good friend, sister and mother all wrapped up into one Doula! She was a great blessing to have in our birth experience!