The Birth of Rowan & Samson

By Allison KG

You were an excellent source of information as we prepared to bring our boys into the world. After finding out we were expecting twins and that the birth experience would be much more medical than we had originally hoped for, being able to navigate all of it alongside you was incredibly empowering. We felt prepared going into their birth, and confident knowing that no matter what happened we had been intentional and thoughtful in preparation. Your presence at the birth was invaluable. It was so helpful to have you navigate the conversations with the medical staff and walk us through our options. Even though there were some unexpected turns during the labor and delivery, you remained a calming and reassuring presence. I always felt respected and supported, and much more confident with you by my side. Not everything went as planned but I still feel so pleased with and proud of the experience, and I can’t imagine the day without you!