Harrison’s Birth, June 2015

by Krisin M.
Elaine is a compassionate and knowledgeable doula and, honestly, become one of our pals! She always came prepared with lots of material and backed-up everything she said with data. She never had an agenda other than making sure we got the care and support we wanted. We had a ‘plan’ but we all know what happens when you plan a birth! She was flexible with us and provided lots of info as plans changed. We went from natural birth, to induction, to C-section, all quite unexpectedly, and Elaine helped us ask the right questions and supported us the whole way. If you’re thinking of hiring a doula, hire Elaine. She also had a great rapport with our nurses and doctors, which is great for any future doulas coming to Springfield Regional Medical Center.
during postpartum support:
this was probably one of the best parts. Elaine was ready to be helpful with literally anything (she brought coffee!) and she was able to provide advice and encouragement when we were at our very ‘neediest’. She let us know that we were doing well and others have been where we were. And she was right: we made it!