Baby Brendan’s Birth, Oct 2015

by Alexis O.

Elaine Tucker was our doula for our first baby delivered on 10/16. Once I got pregnant I knew I wanted a natural birth and chose to have a doula during our journey.  We chose Elaine in the spring of 2015 and knew from the first meeting she was the best choice for us.  Elaine gave us great support during our pregnancy and offered us lots of information that we otherwise would not have known.  One example was the circumcision for our son.  Elaine told us we didnt have to have the circumcision done in the hospital and instead we chose to have a mohel come to our house along with our family to perform the circumcision.  It was important for us that i could nurse my son after the procedure to calm him down.  This was a special day for us and I loved the experience.  Another piece of information Elaine gave to me was regarding the cervical checks at the OGBGYN leading up to the delivery.  She told me the cervical checks were optional which was something I didn’t know.  Elaine made me feel in power of my decisions and my body.  She was also very supportive to my husband and helped to keep him very involved, which was also important to me.  Elaine and my husband were great coaches during my hospital labor.  I felt like we worked together as a great team despite a couple of hurdles with hospital staff.  Overall, we felt very prepared going into the day after having discussed birthing options with Elaine and what we wanted the day to look like. We also felt really confident knowing she would be there.  I have told all of my friends and family about Elaine’s services and her calming presence and would definitely recommend her to any pregnant woman.  At the end of our journey together Elaine gave me a journal of my labor/delivery timeline.  It is a precious keepsake we will have to show our son one day when he is older.