Eliot’s Birth, Aug 2015

by R Alexander

After a difficult birth experience with my first child, I was committed to the idea of including a doula in our birth plans for our second.  After discussing our desires and plans with Elaine, I instantly felt relieved and supported.  I knew that she would be a great partner in his birth.

I certainly was not disappointed.  Our meetings were organized and helpful, without stretching too far into areas that we already knew well from our first experience.  I loved her structure and the exercises that she used to help us organize and write our birth plan.

Although the birth did not go as planned (how many of them do?), Elaine helped us be flexible and feel empowered in our decision-making.  She supported me as a laboring woman in ways that facilitated my feelings of satisfaction later on.  She was calm, comforting, and non-judgmental, qualities that I believe are essential in a doula.  She knew just the right moments to involve herself and also the right moments to step back a bit.

Her experience and expertise shines through strongly in her actions.  If I ever had another child, I would most certainly want Elaine as my birth support.