Robert William’s Birth, Dec 2015

By Kaci H

When we contacted Elaine, we had no idea what to expect from a Doula, but she sat down with us and answered all of our questions.  We made the decision to go with Elaine and realized after our first official meeting that we made the right decision.  Our first meeting allowed us to lay out the start of our birth plan and brought up a lot of great points that we had not thought of, and probably would not have thought of until after experiencing the Birth.  During the pregnancy we were given great information ranging from positions for labor, tips for support people, postpartum planning, and breastfeeding resources.  Being our first child, we were ill prepared for the Doctors, nurses, questions, the process.  Elaine was great in helping us navigate thru the whole event.  Even thought our Birth did not go as planned she was there to lean on when making some tough decisions. In the end, we had a healthy Baby Boy and Mom was on the road to a quick recovery.  Mom and Baby were blessed to make a quick connection with one another for a successful start to Breastfeeding.  Elaine was great in giving us tips and support needed for the overwhelming experience.  The after support in my mind is a must have to make sure that Mom and Baby continue the connections after leaving the comfort of the hospital.  We would HIGHLY recommend Elaine.