Genevieve’s Birth part 2, Dec 2015

by Clint M

As the father, I was skeptical at first about needing a Doula. I had never even heard of the term “Doula” before my wife mentioned it to me, but when we met with Elaine, I knew immediately that she was who we needed to make it through the whole process. I knew that I did not have the knowledge, experience and calm-cool-collectedness necessary to be the sole support person for my wife during her labor and birth. Elaine has an aura of happiness about her that makes your worries melt away and it is instantly apparent that she has an intense passion and an unmatched level of skill for what she does. I remember seeing the smiles on Elaine’s face while my wife was in labor and also during the delivery and I remember thinking how wonderful it was to have her be a part of the experience. Elaine is a professional that comes prepared with all the tools to make your experience as smooth as possible. She will go above and beyond your expectations and she does much more than merely what she is obligated to do. I cannot stress enough how thankful and happy I am to have Elaine be a part of our lives. My wife and I feel like she is part of the family and we don’t know what we would have done without her. I know that there are other Doulas out there, but Elaine is THE Doula as far as we are concerned. You will not be disappointed with Elaine, you will be amazed, I promise you that. -Clint McElfresh