Eason’s birth, Jan 2016

by Jana F.

Sometimes as a doula we are called to step in to a birth for another doula when she must be elsewhere. It’s one of the ways we make sure we have our clients covered no matter what!  I’m sharing a few kind words written by a mother that had my support as her back-up doula along with the support of her wonderful original doula, Cortnie.

I’m happy to have and foster a few of these reciprocal relationships with fellow birthworkers in my community. It’s lovely to hear just how well it works on the few occasions that it does come to pass!

We chose Cortnie because she had hypnobirthing/natural birth knowledge, but–and this is probably the real doula test!–the birth didn’t end up going the way we planned at all and she was such a great support person to have by our side. Also, because it was a crazily long labor, we also ended up spending time with Cortnie’s backup doula. Elaine is equally fantastic and they made the transition absolutely seamless. We were really appreciative to be in such good hands & have such good care throughout! Can’t say enough good things about Cortnie (& Elaine).