Batya’s Birth, Feb 2016

Elaine is the ideal doula! We cannot recommend her enough.
She provided support and strength in every way, she was calm and able to tune into my needs and helped me articulate them- which was particularly necessary in a hospital setting. She worked so well with my doctor and the nurses at the hospital– who were quite difficult to be honest.

I gave birth two weeks earlier than ‘expected’ and had only one meeting with Elaine prior to the birth (although we spoke several times while I was overseas during my pregnancy). During the birth, Elaine pulled the perfect ‘tricks’ out of a hat. I requested something to hold on to, Elaine intuitively knew what I needed and facilitated the most amazing use of ‘prop’ that really shaped the direction of my entire labor.

Not only is Elaine an awesome doula, she is an all around super cool person, my husband and I not only enjoyed her company, but she sat down with us and gave us recommendations, advice and support regarding post-birth, nursing, pediatrician appointments. She recorded notes about the birth, and documented them in a way that is so meaningful and now we have a precious keepsake for our daughter.

We felt like we found not only an amazing doula, but a friend, and we hope to use Elaine for our future births. We are forever grateful! ❤ Myriam, Eli & Batya Zahava