Birth Bag

How about a virtual tour of my birth bag!?

First, I would like you to know that I consider myself my biggest tool I bring to your birth. My grounding touch when you’re feeling carried away. My voice when you need words of comfort and strength. My massage when your muscles feel fatigued. My hip-squeeze when you need relief.  My hands to fetch your partner a cup of coffee or a washcloth for your forehead. My light touch when you need distraction. My humor when you need a friend. My arms when you need a hug.

But besides that I do bring with me a pretty big bag of actual tools. Doulas vary on these greatly from sparse to indulgent. I consider myself to fall into the Birth Sherpa category. Ha!

I used to take my time in pre-natals going over my bag but I’ve decided that prenatal time is better spent talking and discussing. This is my next best solution!

I have worked with clients that have found it comforting to know I will bring certain things and they don’t have to pack double. I’ve worked with clients that like to see my bag for inspiration and prefer to pack their own based on what they want for their needs. I’ve worked with couples that had to get to the hospital so fast that they didn’t have their goods and were glad to have mine! To each her own and there’s value at each end of the spectrum:

We’re gonna start top center and work our way clockwise:

Affirmations banner & meditation cards, Below – medchoice belly band for holding TOCO monitors in place, notebooks for birth notes, extra pens and pencils, LED tealights, yoga mat & yoga block, hand fans, essential oils for aromatherapy, various unscented lotions for massage, an extra Central Ohio Doulas t-shirt in my bag in case mine gets messy, large styrofoam cups, a couple handheld massage tools, toiletries bag that is for my use at long births but also at the disposal of my clients if they forgot personal items, rice wrap, LED string lights for bathroom and birthroom, tennis balls for directed counter pressure, a collection of rebozos and headscarves, extra hair ties, my wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker, and last but not least my copy of Penny Simkin’s The Birth Partner and Labor Progress handbook!

Not pictured: coconut water, chocolate, all my snacks, my peanut ball and my super nice and comfy body pillow that I pull out for clients facing a long induction.


Feeling inspired? Feeling covered? Some births I break it all out. Some births not a thing. Every birth has unique needs but my goal is to nurture and nourish the growing family using all the resources I have at my disposal.