Matilda’s Birth, May 2016

by Allison S

Where do I even start? Elaine was our doula and guided my husband, tim, and I through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Tim and I knew from the beginning that we wanted a doula to help us achieve a natural birth. We contacted Elaine very early on, about 8 weeks pregnant! She kept in touch frequently and had multiple prenatal visits to prepare us for what was to come. Although we were preparing for an all natural birth, things change, and things don’t always happen the way you plan. I was told at my 38 week appointment that I had some restrictions in my umbilical cord that was causing Matilda an inadequate amount of blood flow and nutrients. This meant I needed to be induced that day. Elaine calmed me down and talked me through what we should do. She gave us advice to go home and eat some food, take a shower, and make our way into the hospital. From there she was at my side guiding us through labor. She gave tim and I some alone time while we progressed from 1-4.5 cm and then came back when I thought she would be helpful and we needed some new energy. She was there through every difficult contraction coaching me and giving me guidance on what was to come. We had a few set backs during our birth. My placenta wouldn’t naturally come out so I had to go to the OR, but Elaine helped me by calming me down and staying with Tim to help him with Matilda while I was gone. I relied on Elaine so much after having Matilda. She came and did some home visits to check on us. i naturally had many concerns as a first time mom, so it was great to be able to bounce questions off of her. I kept in touch with her so much, I felt like she was a true friend and confidant. Tim and I will forever be grateful for her and cannot wait for her to be part of our next pregnancy as well.