Lillian’s Birth Feb 2017

by Katrina K

I am so glad I found Elaine.  We had a date scheduled for an elective repeat c section, however we decided that if I went into labor on my own before that date I would do a trial of labor (TOLAC) in an attempt for a vbac delivery.  Elaine was able to work with us and be flexible about the role she would play.  We worked it out that if I did the TOLAC her role would be as my birth doula and if I had the section she would be a postpartum doula for my family.  Sure enough our baby arrived early.  I was quite sure my trial of labor would end in another c section, however everything went very smoothly and despite many medical interventions (uterine pressure cath, fetal scalp electrode, epidural, IV fluids, foley catheter) I ended up vaginally delivering my little girl.  Elaine helped support me through texts, phone calls, in the labor and delivery room, and also made several visits to my home.  She helped apply pressure to my lower back before I got the epidural.  This provided so much relief!  She also made sure the room was dark, that there was relaxing music playing, and nice mood lighting.  I was very impressed with Elaine and would highly recommend her for anyone in need of doula services, no matter what type of labor and delivery experience you end up with.  I also really appreciated her open mindedness.  She was willing to support me whatever my choices were and for that I will be forever grateful.