Julie’s postpartum, Feb 2016

by Julie R

Elaine was a fantastic postpartum doula.  She helped us after the birth of our second child, who arrived only 18 months after our first.  At the time, I felt like I was already caring for a “baby” with our 18 month old, and I had no idea how to balance nursing a baby AND chasing after a toddler.  In those first few months I was TERRIFIED of being alone with a newborn and toddler.  Elaine came over during the witching hours (dinner-bath-bedtime) and was a much needed extra set of hands.

I had a c-section (he was breech) and in our pre-birth meetings Elaine really helped us think through how we would need to re-arrange our home in those first few weeks home (everything we needed to access was up a flight of stairs).  She was thoughtful and honest in telling us how I would need to focus on my recovery during my maternity leave.

I cannot recommend Elaine enough.  She was a calming presence in our home, and provided an amazing sense of warmth and caring for my whole family.