Norah’s Birth, May 2016

by Alicia H

So it took me a while to finally getting around to write this. Not because of busy mom-life, but because every time I start I get all choked up. The birth of our daughter was very important to me. From making sure we had the right medical professionals down to being able to labor at home for as long as possible. I researched doulas, and came across Elaine. After our first interview I told my husband, “she’s the one!” Elaine was honest, let me know what to realistically expect but most importantly taught me to listen to my body. She made me realize that I was truly capable of having an unmedicated birth and help me really nail down my perfect birthing plan. The day of our daughters birth, she was right by my side, keeping myself and my husband together. When it came time to push she reminded me of my goals and never made me feel like I couldn’t accomplish my goals! During postpartum care she helped me tackle breastfeeding, and that is something that I true appreciated. All in all, our experience with Elaine was great and when the time comes for us to have another child I hope to have her by our side again!