Quinn’s Birth, Aug 2017

by Cassie G

Upon first meeting Elaine for coffee with my husband, we both knew that she was the right fit to join our birth team. She is super knowledgeable, seems to know everyone in the Columbus birthing community and has a very calming presence, plus a great sense of humor – two traits that I knew would be helpful during labor and delivery! We met with Elaine twice during my pregnancy to discuss our priorities, my fears and come up with some strategies to help me through labor. She was available via email and text throughout my pregnancy, which was super helpful when I had a non-urgent concern that I didn’t want consult Dr. Google on. And when I started having some pre-labor symptoms, she was quick to reply and provide guidance. And THANK goodness for her attentive and timely care because our sweet baby boy just couldn’t wait to make his appearance! On the night my son was born, I did a final check in via text with Elaine around 9pm and I went on to work through what I *thought* was early labor / the beginning of active labor by myself. I only woke my husband minutes before I realized that I needed to push. After calling 911, he called Elaine and she beat the paramedics to our house! My son was born within 20 minutes. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful for the role Elaine played in our unplanned home birth. In a very chaotic situation, she answered questions for the paramedics so that my husband could focus on me all while keeping us both calm through positive affirmations. It wasn’t a typical birth by any means, but Elaine played a critical role in making ours a positive experience. In lieu of the birth photos she was meant to take (there was no time!), Elaine wrote my son the sweetest note for me to share with him one day. She recounted his birth story and wrote that his father and I made a great team in a crazy situation. The truth is, we can’t imagine having done it without her! Elaine will always have a special place in our family’s heart.