Niah’s Birth, April 2016

I was originally hired to be the postpartum doula for this family but then stepped in as back-up doula when the couple’s original doula was at another birth. This rarely happens but it’s something we are happy to cover each other for in the doula community. The continuity of care for being their birth and postpartum doula was a gift and I’m glad I was able to experience this! – Elaine 

By Veena

“Elaine was my birth and postpartum doula. Since this was our first time with labor, my husband and I did not know what to expect and wanted support from very beginning. When the contractions began, we were not sure if I was going into labor. Elaine promptly cancelled a class that she was scheduled to give that day to come and support us. She talked me through those initial mild contractions at our home, took me on a curb walk, and helped me get to hospital on time. At the hospital, she massaged my back during those intense contractions, and held my legs when I was pushing. She spent a good 15 hours and helped us welcome our baby girl.

As a postpartum doula, she offered kind words and support when we were having a tough time with breastfeeding. She was prompt in getting us an appointment with a lactation consultant, and directed us to lot of resourceful articles on breastfeeding and co-sleeping. She also helped us with many things: laundry, dishes, picking up food, dropping baby rabbits that were in our yard to wildlife rescue, and bottle feeding, changing, and bathing our baby.

My husband and I were able to navigate the challenges of newborn period with Elaine’s help. She was definitely be a good support person to have during birthing and caring for a newborn.”